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Umi no Ie (Umiのいえ) is a place where you learn life, mind, body and living. 

Regardless of your race, sex, religion, age, creed or social status, Umi no Ie always welcome anybody.
Students, singles, pregnant women, parents of youngers and parents of adults. All of you can come and join us. 

Also, Umi no Ie is a place for professionals who engage in medical or health care and education.

Umi no Ie is a place where...
to squeeze the pus out of body and mind,
to bring up a child,
to generate energy, dream and love,
to exchange experience and wisdom,
to have a heart-to-heart talk,
to make yourself comfortable barefoot just like a beach hut, Umi no Ie inJapanese.

Umi no Ie 
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2016/2/23 Cooking Class「HINAMATSURI & PARTY RECIPES」 

2016/2/15 おかゆと糀で本物の甘酒を作ろう♪ 甘酒でのアレンジ料理

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